Bellagio Robbery (Video) Daring Casino Heist Nets $2 Million in Chips

Maybe the thief has found a way to fence casino chips. The thief must not be too smart; the chips are worthless unless he cashes them in at the Bellagio.

According to the Associated Press, police say this appears to be the same suspect who robbed the Las Vegas Suncoast Hotel Casino poker room last week. That robbery netted the thief about $20,000 in cash from the poker room cashier. In the old days, when the mob ruled Las Vegas, he would already be under the desert sand and this story would never be published.

At about 3:50 this morning, a man wearing a jumpsuit and a motorcycle helmet pulled a gun on patrons at a craps table. He fled the Bellagio on a motorcycle, not to be seen again.

A thief fled with nearly $2 million in chips during todayĆ¢EUR(TM)s Bellagio robbery. Police released the surveillance video below, but so far, the perpetrator has gotten away with a daring casino robbery. This heist seems similar to another casino robbery in Las Vegas less than a week ago. The man fled the casino still wearing the red and white striped helmet. This guy may not be on the streets very long. It is hard to understand why the man took the casino chips if they are going to be hard to cash. Some casinos embed electronics in their chips for tracking. The man who pulled off the Suncoast Casino heist wore motorcycle gear and fled in the same manner.. The chips were in $100 up to $25,000 in denomination and will have to be cashed at the Bellagio to be worth money.

Both the Bellagio robbery and the Suncoast Casino heist were daring and efficient crimes

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