Casino Royale (1967) – Illustrated Reference

Bacharach won two Oscars for Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969), Best Music and Best Song (shared with Hal David).

Cooper: “Height: six foot two and a half.

One director, Ken Hughes, recalled “I never saw a script, I was given some pages and was told we weren’t going to use them anyway.”

Director Val Guest would get phone calls from the producer at odd hours of the day telling him that William Holden was popping by and George Raft was arriving later and they had to be quickly written into the script.

French actor Jean-Paul Belmondo, Charles Boyer, George Raft, Peter O’Toole and William Holden all make guest appearances

Burt Bacharach’s music score was Grammy nominated. No), Vladek Shebal (Kronsteen in From Russia With Love), Milton Reid (Sandor in The Spy Who Loved Me), John Hollis (Blofeld in For Your Eyes Only), Burt Kwouk (Goldfinger and You Only Live Twice), Valerie Leon (The Spy Who Loved Me).

Le Chiffre “Don’t worry about that chair with a hole in the middle. “

The theme song “The Look of Love” sung by Dusty Springfield peaked at #4 at the US charts, it received a Best Song nomination at the Oscars.

In my opinion the film was colourful with plenty of girls in mini skirts and hot pants, but despite the appearance of David Niven, Peter Sellers and Woody Allen the film just isn’t all that funny.

There are moments, like the baccarat game, when you’re hoping the film has stabilised but it soon goes off the rails again and the brawling climax is just a loud chaotic unfunny mess.

Vesper Lynd: Mr Evelyn Tremble?

Evelyn Tremble: Yes, that’s right.

Vesper Lynd: Isn’t Evelyn a girl’s name?

Evelyn Tremble: No, it’s mine, actually.

A collector’s item tor fans of the stars and James Bond completists than, otherwise a psychedelic damp squib.

Peter Sellers and Orson Welles disliked each other, forcing the use of stand ins for scenes where they are supposed to be looking at each other.

Sir James drives a black Bentley Special 4.5 litre while Evelyn Tremble drives a black Lotus Formula 3 racing car.

The Sean Connery Bond movie You Only Live Twice also came out in 1967, a few months after Casino Royale premiered.

Casino Royale’s connections with the official movie series include – Ursula Andress (Honey Ryder in Dr. 184 pounds. Trophies for karate and judo, holder of the Kama Sutra black belt. It’s merely waiting to be reupholstered.”

Casino Royale was originally budgeted at $6m and ended up costing a whopping $12m, but the film was successful grossing $42m worldwide. Orson Welles remarked that it must have been the movie poster showing a naked tattooed girl that was drawing audiences in.

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