I am writing an article about fear and I want to conduct research on the fear of “carnies” or carnival people. Are you afraid of carnies? If so, why?

years ago all children were tought not to get around carnival people because they would take children,as i got older i was told they would steal dogs too. that is what i was told as a child. and then some folks are afraid of clowns and they just put it all in one bag,complaining they were afraid of carnies. today it is a very good money making scheme,do you see some of the RV’s they drive?

. including your kids.so old timers used fear to keep their kids away from the carnies. 1950 i used to help the carnies set up and tear down at street fairs and my mother would have a fit,she said they would steal me and eat me. well here is what i found out. the real carnies were gypsies and they would steal about anything that was not nailed down

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