This is Why Using In-store Makeup Artists is Like Playing Russian Roulette

Since there is quite a wide selection to choose from, and the resident makeup artist will assist you, you may think this is a good idea.

The mall is a very busy environment, and therefore not the most ideal place to get your makeup done, especially if you want to experiment with a new look. It is therefore recommended that you bring your own tools and cosmetics.

Yet another problem faced is the lack of privacy, as there are no specified business hours, and so unless it is a slow day, there will be persons around.

Testers and Improper Disinfection Methods

Companies hire makeup artists to sell their products, and therefore you are not their main focus unless you are purchasing.

Avoiding the practice of sharing cosmetics and applicators, is one of the first rules in makeup, as this prevents the contraction of infectious diseases and harmful microorganisms. The MUA may also try to force you to buy their products, even if there are not necessarily suited for your skin type or liking.

Lack Of Privacy

The makeup artist should disinfect thoroughly all the makeup tools being used, prior to using them and afterwards, but this is not always the case.

You can be assured that the tools and brushes used by a mobile freelance makeup artist, will be clean and sterilized. He or she is not driven by the achievement of a sales quota, so they will recommend products that are ideally suited for you.

When shopping in the mall, most women like to freshen up their makeup, and take the opportunity to test new products. Consequently, the best results from this makeup application session will be ensured.

During a busy day, do you think that an over the counter makeup artist has the time to frequently change sponges and brushes? It is advisable that you contract the services of a mobile freelance makeup artist instead, if you see the care of your skin as something very important.

Busy Environment

It can be a nerve-wracking experience to have your makeup done with an audience looking on, if you are a private person. Some reasons why you should avoid over the counter makeup applications are discussed here.

Hiring a mobile MUA would be a better option, as they are not employed to any specific brand, and so will select products that complement your skin tone, skin type and daily needs. The experience can also be enjoyed at the venue of your choice, with you being the focus of the appointment. Over the counter makeup artists use testers, and so these will be used on more than one client. The area available and the heavy traffic are the problems, and not the ability of the makeup artist.

Sales Over Aesthetics. For many women, they prefer to be in a calm environment, that is not entirely possible there.

The MUA may be trying to cope with the demands of the many customers, so they are not able to focus the required attention on you, so the purpose would be defeated.

However, if you consider it carefully, you may realize that makeup application over the counter may not be as enjoyable an experience as you expect it to be

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